For some of the entries on the list, I intend to write about them once completed. Others are on-going ventures that I'll update every so often.  


I have to admit that I don't have, nor will I impose, the expectation to finish THE LIST by December 11 of this year, or even have a full list of 65. That seems to defeat the purpose of my intention and makes it a race rather than an experience. It's like taking momento photos every where you travel without really absorbing and appreciating where you are at that moment.


If you count down the list, I'm a bit short of 65 things. It's intentional as opportunities will certainly arise along the path to add to The List. I also reserved  #'s 60-65 as Reader's Choice.  Use the contact page to send your suggestions – just make them legal and not to exxxtreme.  I am sixty five now and I don't want to spend my remaining days in a Turkish jail or in traction on a hospital bed.


Hope you enjoy!



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